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Bringing positive change through education

Welcome to Ebenezer Community School, where every student is valued and respected. We strive towards empowering students to reach their full potential and achieve their academic goals. We provide a foundation that inspire our students to become leaders of today and tomorrow.

We give them an opportunity to envision a bright future and reach their full potential, to not only improve their lives but also influence their community purposefully and positively.


Ebenezer’s mission is to provide quality education that equips underprivileged students with the knowledge, character, skills and English language to engage with future opportunities and reach their full potential.


The vision is to see confident students empowered to improve their lives and to purposefully and positively influence their community.


Capturing memories of our vibrant school community

Core Values

Life-long Learning

Continually developing the skills, tools and attitude needed to maximise life's opportunities

Social Responsibility

Of being responsible

citizens and making a

positive contribution to

the community 

Respecting others

Regardless of  

gender, religion or caste


Being truthful and reliable


Resilience, perseverance

in the face of adversity, and determination

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